Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Random Thoughts

- A little while back, our Bishop informed us that in order to resign membership from the church we would have to submit an official written letter. For whatever reason, we've put off typing one up and sending it in. However, Sunday night, we typed up an official letter and put it in the mail on Monday morning.

- Loving this new book, "Systematic Theology" by Wayne Grudem. A recommendation by two leaders in our church I greatly respect. The highlighters are out and I'm taking notes. :) I'm learning to put aside what I think I know and listen to what someone else does actually know.

- Built a cave of Adullam for the kids yesterday and read to them Psalm 61. Today we'll dress up as best we can and play out David hiding in the cave from Saul. The lesson here, is that regardless if it is November - the month of Thanksgiving - or not, we should always give praises and thanksgiving to God. And that God always provides a place of grace for each of us. In this case, the cave Adullam.

- Not exactly looking forward to Thanksgiving simply because we're doing it at Steve's parents' house. Which is not a bad thing - I'm very grateful that I don't have to assemble the meal (although my turn is Christmas), or prepare my house for guests, or anything else that comes with hosting Thanksgiving Dinner - however my kids love their grandparents and whenever we visit we enter this fantasy land where rules are thing of myth. Not real. And therefor, for us - the kids seem to be harder to handle - especially since they refuse to take naps and then harder on us after we leave because they expect the world not to have any rules. But, eh, isn't that what grandparents are for?

- Might get to check out two churches soon. First one is Canyon Ridge - the church that hosted King's Faire. Another member of GP and I want to go check out their service, their store, and other stuff to get ideas for things we've been asked to do. The second one is ICLV - International Church of Las Vegas. This one comes highly recommended by NC Manna goers who have come to Vegas and I recently discovered that someone from GP came from ICLV. I'm totally stoked to go on a Wednesday or something for a women's Bible study (of course I never have those days off from babysitting so it might have to wait until Steve's long break during Christmas).

- I recently was shown a video by the Christian band, "Big Fish" - not sure how I feel about it. At first, I was bit put off by their lyrics and forceful nature of the presentation and almost mocking tone towards other religions. Now, I'm pondering over the message and totally ignoring the messengers or presentation. I'd be interested in your thoughts.

- My grandpa loves audio tapes - specifically books on tape. I was thinking of collecting a few neutral feeling Christian books on tape for him for Christmas. For example, he LOVES Rick Warren's book, "The Purpose Driven Life" - so I don't think it'd be completely rejected so long as it wasn't an anti-Mormon audio tape. :P Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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