Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pics from Halloween Party

Thought I'd post some pics from the party. :)

The goodie bags I stayed up until 3 am sewing. The yellow ones are for decorating.

The path to our Trick-or-Treat Street (aka the upstairs hallway).

Our spooky trick-or-treat street. Jamie cut out a pumpkin, a ghost, and a candy corn to put on the doors of our "houses". We put candy in these rooms and an adult would duck in before the kids reached it and would close the door. Then another adult would encourage them to knock on the door and say, "Trick or treat!" It was a safe and fun environment for the kids to practice for the big night.

The front of the house. We blew up tons of balloons and then placed large cones (thanks Jamie!) in the driveway so as to create a "wall" so the kids wouldn't go past it during our parade.

Anya and Maddy in their costumes.

Paul showing off his "racing" lizard.

We set up a face painting and craft table for easy access. Sabrina brought a friend with her (Ryan's mom) that was very gifted with face painting. So the kids all flocked to her.

Jamie's son Caleb. Very happy.

Ryan's mom's artwork. Paul wanted a green spiderweb.

Maddy wanted w

All the kids lined up after our little driveway parade.
(From left to right - Anya as Pablo, Paul as a Transformer, Caleb as a monkey, Maddy as a poodle, Bridgette as a duck, Ryan and Braden as casual and comfy pumpkins.)

The spread! The plan was for the kids to get really tired, then eat a picnic style lunch in the living room and relax watching Meet the Robinsons. Didn't quite go as scheduled.

Ryan's mommy brought the most creative food!

There are more pics here if you want to see the video from our little parade. All in all, it was a great time.

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