Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Merry Go Round with Atheists and Rabid Christians

It seems lately that the movie, The Golden Compass, is getting a lot of buzz from concerned Christians - and I don't mean ministry Concerned Christians (CC) but Christians from all over within the body of Christ.

I took the bait this morning, and read two more blogs about this movie. It was a bit shocking - not the book, but the Christian blogger. After my years of hating Christians and now being one, I am surprised that I am still surprised - after all, there was a reason I hated Christianity and those within it's membership.

While the blogs do seem to discuss the shocking points of the books - children killing God, ex-nuns supposedly stating that Christianity is a mistake, kids possibly having sex with one another - all these are shocking and I am grateful to know about them so as not to expose my children to them. However, since the author is reported to making statement like, "My books are about killing God," the blogs I've read seem to shift their focus from just the author's statement to atheists in general - even one blogger stating that it was atheists who crucified Jesus.

Granted - I've known angry atheists - but I don't assume they are angry with God, but rather angry with tangiable people - Christians. I can recall during our time in the LDS church - Christians ourselves - were nervous when visiting other churches of letting others know we were LDS. Why? Because of the more vocal Christians who alienate anyone who is different from themselves or their beliefs. In a podcast, Winsome Witnessing, one of the guests quoted states, "It would seem this Jesus in who you believe, would affect your behavior." How sad that non-believers don't see the transformation in Christian lives because they cannot get past the glaring contradiction of generalizations and fleshly behavior. Sure, we know that even Paul battled with this (Romans 7) but it's like this rolling ball of craziness that attacks non-believers. We can't just go around telling people what to do, holding them to Christian standards (when they're not even Christians!), and then making such wild assumptions ("Atheists hate God"). Just as apologetic Christians will forever attack Joseph Smith, Jr's character, prophesies, and history of events because they believe it will bring an end to Mormonism (which it won't - another blog another time) atheists have no other choice than to reason from science and secular logic in order to perhaps bring an end to Christianity (which it won't). Why? Because they hate God? No, probably because they had some rabid Christian offend them in some shape or form. While we believe they are foolish for denying the cross, they believe we are foolish for being so illogical. It's a never ending circle and one of us has to get off this merry-go-round and try to be understanding instead of seeing who can shout the longest and the loudest.

I don't see how pounding out blog after blog, article after article, and even condemnations from the Pope himself is going to do any good. The massive amounts of media dedicated to this movie - from Christians condemning it - has probably been a great amount of free publicity. The line is fuzzy since we want to make sure our brothers and sisters in Christ are aware, but not put up too much of a stink about and end up promoting it in a weird sort of way.

I recently heard someone say that if Christmas is being attacked, it's because Christians didn't protect it in the first place. The overall message in content with the sermon made perfect sense and I greatly enjoyed it. Yet, looking around it is easy to see how Christians have in turn made an all out war on secular "winter holidays" just as they seem to be on this movie.

There has to be a way to convey the Gospel and protect what we hold dear without being the crazy, foaming at the mouth, rabid Christian. And I don't mean this image is portrayed to just non-believers, but to even other Christians. I'm passionate, I love my Lord, I try to center and focus my life around Him and all that He taught. I am not an apathetic Christian who just goes to church on Sundays. And yet, when I read these blogs that seem to direct so much anger, bigotedness, and generalized ideas about atheists for example, the first thing I envision is a rabid dog. This isn't the image Christ Himself portrays. We can shout to the hilltops, "Let us pray for someone!" at the same time violently bashing their head into a wall until it's bloody.

Will I go see the Golden Compass? Maybe. My husband still loves "The Fountainhead" which gives atheists a positive PR and the author, Ayn Rand - I believe an atheist.

Perhaps it is the fact that I went from Mormon - a religion so hotly debated and even (percieve) "persecuted" by Christians in some instances - or perhaps it's because I married an atheist. Or maybe it's simply because the behavior surrounding some Christians is simply wrong on this matter, whatever the reason - I hope I never forget those who are apart from God and instead of condemning them or thanking God I am not them - instead of exalting myself, humble myself and serve them. They are creations of God who deserve to be loved and treated with respect. We live in a world that steadily becomes more corrupt everyday - but that doesn't mean we have to succumb and be apart of it.

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