Sunday, November 18, 2007


Today was an awesome Sunday. We had Kelli and Jon over from Grace Point for lunch and a movie. We watched Amazing Grace - very good movie.

And I loved having company for lunch. Granted, at one point I fell asleep during the movie (I had seen it before and had a belly full of lunch and a microwave cake!) so that was embarrassing. Steve really hit it off with Kelly - she has a ton of the same ideas and beliefs that he does, so I think he has a new political friend. :) Can't wait to have them over to watch Joshua - a must see movie. Maybe next time we can even squeeze in a board game or something. Fellowshipping totally rocks.

Steve has a social experiment idea - he wants to tape instructions into our copy of Amazing Grace and passing it around to the various people in Grace Point. It's also a must see, very inspiring movie.

I pinched a nerve or threw out my back or something - bottom line is my back is in pain - at the end of my service in the nursery. :P Now I can't roll over in bed without some sharp pain shooting through back. It hurts - but I'm going to try to see God through this - what's He teaching me? What does He want me to hobble (hehe - er walk) away with from this? Instead of simply complaining about how my back hurts - I want to challenge myself to grow in all things that I can.

Pastor Devin shared the vision Grace Point in 2008. It's online here - check it out! :) I've written an email to my family and included a link to the mp3 sermon of the 2008 vision - currently meditating on whether or not to send it to them. I think it'll help them understand GP and our new "faith" better, but not sure if this is a "good move". I recently listened to Pastor Melissa Scott break down the Aramic, Hebrew, and Greek from the Bible and break down the story of Noah and the Ark. First, how pastors catch all these daily applications and segues to grace is beyond me - but I was left in awe of how much God squeezed into what seemed a somewhat boring Bible story (because of the building of the ark with the cubits and whatnot). For example, daily application - God knew that the instructions He gave Noah for building the ark would work. Because God's ways are perfect - so it's a good idea to be obedient. So while I personally don't see any good in sending my family the link to Vision 2008 - I know that if it's God's Will - then it's perfect and that's all I need to know. I don't need to analyze it, I don't need to second guess it, I need to just obey.

Also, Pastor Devin has the goal to raise $25k for 2008 by Christmas. I was blown away by this number. Then he shared how the staff - either part time or unpaid - had already committed to $5k of this number. I was floored - because that's just five people. Whoa. I began to wish that Steve and I could contribute - but didn't see that being possible. So when we got home, we ran a detailed budget for December to see if we had any spare money to contribute. I was shocked at what God has provided for our family. I realized that Steve and I could contribute to this cause - and we can contribute much more than I thought we could. We've assembled a tight budget, still have a workable budget for Christmas. I am FLOORED! God is good. Here's hoping we reach our goal.

Looking forward to this week with Steve's family. Still praying over Ron - ALL prayers to help this be clear and to recieve assurance of God's will in this matter are appreciated.

Finally, I spoke with the LDS family I babysit for. I was so excited about serving this family - and yet, the mother - the one who seems the most stressed out - doesn't even seem interested in us giving her a break at all. I'm so confused. Part of me wonders if we were all LDS if she'd allow us to serve her - I wonder, does she think we are serving with an agenda?

And finally, one of our favorite songs right now. Enjoy!

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