Sunday, November 4, 2007

Aren't you from Mars?

At GP, there is "The Crew" - volunteers who setup and tear down the sets for service (GP is a portable church plant right now). Steve's on the Crew and he works setup for an entire series. During the series he works, I get the kids up, dressed, and to church. This morning, as I putting things in the car and preparing to take the kids to church, two people walk up my driveway. One was an adult man, and the other a young man. There were both wearing button up shirts and ties. Immediately, I knew they were from the LDS church - but couldn't for the life of me figure out why they were here.

"Good morning sister. We're here for Fast Offerings." I wanted to laugh - are you kidding me? We've lived at this house for 18 months and not ONCE have they ever come by for our fast offerings (which can be either money or food for the Bishop's storehouse). Of course, now that we're removing our names from the roll book they come by.

"Hello Elder. I'm sorry, you must have the wrong house. We're no longer apart of the ward." Trying to be friendly (as most ex-Mormons are perceived as anything but friendly) I smiled at them.

"Uh - not a part of the ward? Are you moving out of boundaries?"

"No, we've left the church."

Puzzled and now looking at me as if I were from Mars he continues, "Wait, but aren't you the Hommels?"

He says this as if we had signed up for this month's offering - yet we haven't been to a block meeting (with one exception) for almost seven months now. I wonder - as we navigate this hopefully final stage of our exit - how many surprise visitors should we expect and will they all look at us like we're nuts?

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