Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Under the Authority of the LDS church -- AGAIN?

I emailed my former Bishop earlier today - well I guess yesterday at this point, to begin the process of name removal from the LDS church. From the research I have done on it - it is supposed to be in this "day and age" a much easier process. It used to be a very painful process, at times (according to exmormon.org as well as other biased sources) at times requiring legal aid in order to remove one's name from the records of the church. At this point due to the voices of upset exmormons, the road is supposed to have been paved for those like me to simply be able to send in a letter and receive a letter back within 45 days that my name is removed (and I'm no longer in Christ's church or in the book of life and so on and so forth).

However, imagine my surprise when the Bishop's reply email - while as usual polite and kind - contained the possibility of a disciplinary council. Now, these councils are really nothing to be scared of. You go in a room, you sit with either the Stake or Ward Presidency and you "confess" your sins and then you are either ex-communicated or disfellowshipped from the church for a set amount of time before you are up for review to come back in again. This doesn't bother me so much, it's the idea of submitting myself to the authority of the LDS church as if I had sinned and was in need of correction. I haven't done anything wrong. I'm simply following God's will in my life. Egh, here's hoping I'm misunderstanding or that there is some way to bypass this if I'm not. If they still do these I totally understand why some people wait 12 years or so before making it "official".

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Livingsword said...

The present description sounds typical of what most ex-LDS tell me, although I have heard of people not having to go thru it. This is not the kind of thing the LDS want to be efficient with…since they make it so difficult many people leave and just don’t go thru the process; this then gives the illusion that there are more members than there are….Another reason to be honest and forthright.