Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Halloween is fast approaching and my kids could not be more excited. :) I have Christian friends who both do and do not celebrate the "holiday", my husband and I have decided to continue on in our celebration of it. I have always loved Halloween, from the scary movies, changing seasons, and costumes - it's been my favorite time to decorate and socialize. We've finally gotten our decorations out, the kids have their costumes and are totally excited. Now we're just scouting the community events for fun things to do around town that won't break the bank. Paul will be a Transformer. (Not a picture of Paul - I keep missing him when he's dressed up - thanks Steve :P ).
Anya will be Pablo from Backyardigans.
Everyday Paul talks about being a robot and asks if tonight will be the night to go "trick or treating", if tonight will be Halloween. When we decorated for the house, he surely thought that today was the day.

I wonder, as Christians, do we have Jesus on the mind as often as my three year old has candy, trick or treating, and his Transformer costume on the mind? Or as much as I love Dorito's Fiery Habino's chips drenched in Dill pickle juice? Mmmmhhhmmm! Yep, I love the fall - it brings out all my favorite things and reminds me with all my toddler's quirks that I need to keep my focus on God - even if that means putting my favorite foods second. :P

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Livingsword said...

Hi Maggie;

I love your point about how often do we have Jesus on our mind compared to how often a three year old has candy on theirs.

Halloween is always an interesting question among followers of Jesus. I think our broader culture in general just looks at it as some harmless fun. I see it as an opportunity (and fun); a few years ago my wife made me this fantastic sheep costume which I wear to while handing out goodies at the door. It is a lot of fun and I love the way so many kids say “wow what a great costume I want one like that next year”, now every year sheep are taking over our neighborhood more and more, I had 14 at my door last year! The best part is when I get asked why I am dressed like a sheep!