Friday, October 26, 2007

Random Word Vomit

Ever seen "Mean Girls"? If so - you know what I mean when I use the phrase, "word vomit". :P

Anyways, tomorrow is a crazy busy day. I have an open house, have to distribute flyers, clean a condo and sometime - do backed up laundry and possibly mop my floors and grocery shop. Needless to say - I'm swamped tomorrow.

But I wanted to share a few thoughts and then be on my way to snooze land.

Today I found out I can research my blogs - who has been visiting, how they came upon my blog - I am TOTALLY excited! Because I am a blog nerd. Which brings me to word vomit - I'm trying so hard now to be more social and conversational in a manner in which I don't - egh, either talk over the conversation or bring it back to a dead horse subject (because it's a subject I'm comfy with) and well, tonight during our Zombie movie night - at the end I fear I might have alienated a younger couple we were trying to fellowship with. In reality, they're in my peer group (only 5 yr difference) and they're new parents so we want to make friends with them. :) However, at the end of the night - another new friend of mine and I were talking about blogging and I think I played a bad hostess by picking her brain about everything I don't understand. I'm only 25 - my generation is a tech savy generation - and yet I cannot figure out for the life of my how to do a simple Google search or RSS (whatever that means) subscribe to blogs I want to read. Or heck, even search sites like Blogger for other blogs that may be of interest. I am so tech unsavy. :P

Our zombie night was a ton of fun. Kelly made carmel covered apples which were totally yummy and we all watched 28 Weeks Later -- a great GROUP movie, not so much a couple movie.

I realized through tonight's experience and my lack of discipline to delve selfishly into what I don't get about something, that I need more control over my tongue. I find that having been home so much, I forget how to make polite small talk or the like and so I am uncomfortably honest or probing at times. I don't mean to be - I am trying to be socially correct but have really lost my "touch" over the last few years.

We also visited "King's Faire" by Canyon Ridge (a Christian mega church here in Vegas). It was awesome! It was a last minute choice to go - so I wish we had planned it better and to be there longer but it was really great. I wish I knew how many people attended their services after visiting their event - Steve and I were discussing checking them out one Saturday evening - should we ever have another free. :P On the radio they referred to their building as a "campus" - and it sure fits. The place is huge and STILL building. One person from my small group told my the King's Faire is like Disneyland - which I just didn't believe. It's a church event after all. Nope, I was wrong. Except Disneyland has Fast Passes. ;) The kids had a blast and I wish I could have explored it more - but we had a blast too. I hope they interest people in attending their services and reach people with the Gospel through their efforts.

Approaching the entrance. Thinking, "So this is what a mega

They brought in six TONS of snow for a snowball fight.

Here is a portion of one of the lines for one of the 10 bounce houses.

When I have more time I want to share some new experiences with Ron - the homeless man God is drawing close to Him. We had an amazing conversation last night and he actually prayed at the end! It was awesome. More later.

Finally, while adding captions to my Dropshots account - I stumbled upon this older video. It was taken in August (not that old) or September and I'm still sick at this point so you hear my coughing occasionally. But Steve and I laugh so hard we're crying.

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