Monday, October 1, 2007

Random Thoughts

No theme to this blog. Just want to write some thoughts down.

Small groups rock! The new small group we're in is really awesome. Bonus: I got a brand new idea for praying from one of the other members. Write them down. Who would have thought it?

Eating healthier is great - I feel like I have some more energy - not this great burst yet, but some more. Plus I feel better knowing I'm eating healthier. Who knows - maybe I'll start eating veggies more often too. Nah - that's just too daring for me. :P

I think I'm finally healed! Praise God! :) I still have a mess of congestation that bothers me from time to time - of course always when I'm busy or talking - but other than that, I can pretty much resume normal life again. :) Yay! God is so good. I think another day or week sick and I would have been screaming at God like Habakkuk was.

Anya is for sure in the full swing of terrible twos. She bite the almost one year old toddler I babysit for today. I dusted off my "What to Expect" toddler version book and pulled out my controversial To Train up a Child techniques and began hoping for naptime. I'll be downloading this past week's Focus on the Family's discussions with author Ted Trip on parenting.

Speaking of downloads - I'm in love with my mp3 player and online sermons all over again! Now that I'm back into working long shift three nights a week at my parent's store - it's getting used a ton! My current favorite sites are Grace Point's podcasts (of course!), Manna's podcasts from North Carolina, and Jesus is Reality (very meaty!) in California, and another my friend Disney sent me but I am forever loosing the link to (ps Disney - resend me the link for the Utah church!). Since Eva Self recently passed away, Focus on the Family played one of her Women's Retreat addresses and it was amazing - called, "Renewing my Heart" and I emailed it to my friends and family (yes - even my parents). I've been playing, when possible, the sermons in the store but mostly for myself while inputing the invoices. It's awesome.

Gotta love the public libraries! I've been sifting through their used book section, looking for Bibles and other Christian literature - either for myself to hold onto to perhaps give away whenever needed for someone else, and have been finding some great finds! I found two awesome books just this weekend in almost new condition. I found John Ortberg's book, "If You Want to Walk on Water, Get Out of the Boat" and Max Lucado's book, "Just Like Jesus". These books were $1! Of course, when it comes to reading now adays, I am ADD - so we'll see when I actually get around to reading them. I am still juggling Derek Prince's book as well 3:16 (which after only two days - I'm half way finished with!) and my Beth Moore study. Egh! Eventually, I become better organized and learn to read just one book at a time. I miss those days. :P

Catch up cleaning always sucks. I hate it. Almost two months of being sick means almost two months of poor cleaning and tons of laundry. Ladies, you know what I mean. It means, when I did do laundry - it was lucky when it got folded. It never made it from the baskets and onto an actual hanger and that's how we've been living for two months. I spent two hours yesterday just putting away the already clean laundry so as to make room and find the dirty laundry. I hate being sick. That's why I am so glad that God made me the one who rarely gets sick. Yep, I'll be good for another five years now. :)

We spent yesterday really cleaning house - partly so I wouldn't have three kids to watch today and clean, but also because we were expecting the last wave of LDS teachers for this month to come visit between 4:15/4:30. Red faced and slightly sweaty, we have the aromtique candles burning, the carpets vacuumed, counters cleaned, floors mostly swept - everything put away or at least hidden (you know the infamous junk drawer) and do you know what? They didn't come. I should be pretty thrilled, but gosh darn it, we busted our behinds because we expected them to drop by unexpectedly after they got out of church on Sunday to make their home teaching numbers and they didn't do it. I feel robbed.

Finally caught up on my DVR - a bit ironic since our pastor has been teaching on spending time wisely and it seems, each sermon makes at least one crack about flipping channels. Yet, I finally caught up to my week old recordings so I could finally clear them out and still felt a small bit of accomplishment. Now, I'm anxiously awaiting tonight's Hero's episode. However, knowing me, it'll be next Sunday afternoon, nothing will be on, and I see that I still will have yet to watch it. :P

Finally, my Bible software has finally crashed and isn't coming up. It's my LDS library software. I usually use for finding verses and whatnot - but after over two years with this software, old habits die hard. Perhaps it's the Lord prying it from my hands reminding me that I need to cut ties, or perhaps it's simply faulty technology - but it just won't work anymore. I'm so sad - it's like the death of a friend. I know how to use the software pretty well and can isolate my favorite passages quickly and easily, study them, read my Strong's within the software - do so many things, I just love it. It just happens to also be an LDS software that includes the three other standard works and tons of other "features". However, after several uninstalls and reinstalls, it's just not coming back to life. I have e-sword downloaded as well - but after playing around with it for a bit, it just wasn't the same. I just was so spoiled. So, it's back to Biblegatway for me for awhile. At least, until I can find another program that I like at least half as much.

Off to finish laundry!

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