Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Random Thoughts Again...

I went to my parents' house last night - no mention of religion. :) Mamau made my all time favorite dish (it greatly surpasses my beloved Mint Chicken) - Chicken and Rice. I don't know the Persian name for it - but it's a spicy stew like dish with chicken, carrots, potatoes and a great blend of spices. You bake the rice and put it all together. She also made me a HUGE batch of "Magic Bars" - yum!

Today I made an appointment with a site director at Bethany University. I'm super excited about the prospect of returning to school - especially a Bible college. It's been awhile since I've applied to school, so I'd forgotten how much work it is. It's totally worth it though - I was looking over their curriculum and if I am accepted will start in January. I can't wait!

Tomorrow is my Preschoolers Halloween party. I've invited a bunch of moms from Grace Point and a few neighbors - one of which is my LDS visiting teacher. I can't wait to see how it all goes. We've got some great activities planned and will hopefully by watching, "Meet the Robinsons" at the end.

Steve told me a story this past Sunday. His co-worker, Randy, has a brother who co-owns his own construction business. Randy's brother (let's call him Sam for this since the name was never brought up) is also a Christian and attends the same church Randy does. Sam's partner is LDS. With their buisness, there is the busy season and then the down season. During the down season, the LDS partner (let's call him Hank) always starts talking about how they need to do more stuff to bring in buisness - like advertising. Sam, however, tells Hank however that instead they should pray to God. Sam and Hank have danced this dance for three years now. Each year, they do as Sam suggests and pray. Each year, their business greatly increases. Steve and I were thinking that if that were us, we'd sit up and pay attention. We began a discussion though, about pratical faith. Where is the line drawn? To what extent do our works enable God to work in our lives or stop him from working in our lives? Can we even enable or disable God in our lives? Our understanding of this concept has been greatly skewed by what we were taught in the LDS church. Now, I'm not really sure to what is correct. It doesn't seem logical that if one prays to God for help in finding a job and then sits on the couch all day, that God would then provide. However, no one ever said grace was logical. So the jury is still out on this one.

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