Friday, October 5, 2007

Pray Alot = Sin Alot

Last night on Survivor, James from Fei Long tribe made the comment (in reference to "Christian Mama" Leslie), "You know people who pray a lot sin a lot. They know they're going to hell."

At first, the comment bothered me - but as I thought about it, I realized how true it was and how it captured the simple message of the gospel, yet it was totally lost on the speaker since he merely laughed off the notion of an eternal hell.

When we come to Christ, we realize that yes we are sinners, and yes without Jesus we are going to hell. So yes, we pray. And through prayer we deepen our relationship with Jesus. We also realize that our sins are judged by worldly standards of what is and is not okay, but by a just and holy God who doesn't see certain sins as "sexy" and some sins as "acceptable" by circumstance but as all sins as just that - sin.

Yes, for those of us who pray to God - we do realize we are sinful creatures who are supposed to go to hell, but that we're not going to hell simply because of Jesus.

It's an easy message - maybe that's why it's so hard to accept.

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