Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm so OLD!

I'm a reader of our pastor's blogs and recently he wrote about how people came upon his blog (I'm guessing Google searches if memory serves me well). Curious person that I am, I began to wonder what exactly this was and how I could add it to my own blogs. Friday night our friend Kelly came over and at the end we began discussing blogging and all the bells and whistles.

I'm only 25! How can I feel so out of touch with the world and blogging and Internet? :P I hadn't a clue on how to "RSS" or subscribe to blogs and no idea what "reader" would be best for me since I don't use any of the programs they always suggest.

Since I had a day "off" (kinda) today - I decided while I waited on endless downloads and uploads, to explore this unknown world. Three hours later, wanting desperately to curse the computer and whoever invited "syndication" and gone through both Blogline and Feedburner - I was able to "feed" my MySpace and Blogger blogs. My eyes were burning and crossed and then I realized - I still hadn't "subscribed" to any blogs! Ah!

Finally I have now subscribed to one blog! (No clue on how to subscribe to the other blog - MySpace is so much easier for subscriptions!) However, I have no clue how to check these "readers" except to manually log in - I don't see how that saves me much, if any, time. :P Technology.

I get to work until 2 am tonight - I am simply dreading the day following this long and late shift. Egh!

So if anyone knows any good "reader" sites that will not be too complicated for me but will make my blog reading life easier - please recommend one!

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