Sunday, October 28, 2007

Come to Dinner

Yesterday my parents called - Steve avoided the phone fearful of what they might say to him. I returned their call and talked with Mamau. "We're having dinner Monday night. I'm making chicken and rice."

I was really encouraged by the dinner invitation. We can't go since I work Monday nights, but I did say that I would try to come pick up Anya's doll, Hern, and some leftovers.

Excited, I told Steve about the call. He began laughing - I didn't understand. "Monday night? Like Family Home Evening? Amanda, when have they ever invited us over without a reason?"

I realized, he was right. They had never invited us over without a reason. I even asked her on the phone, "What's the occasion?" because I've never known them to have dinner with us without one.

Here's hoping Steve's wrong.

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