Thursday, September 27, 2007

Survivor China

It's that time again - Survivor China made it's premier last Thursday night. Of course, this is a week later. That's because I kept putting off watching my recorded episode - don't get me wrong, I love Survivor, I just haven't had a chance lately to watch it. Today, not wanting to be now two episodes behind, I made myself sit down and watch it. In the beginning, the Survivors were taken to a Buddhist temple for a "welcoming ceremony" - now I'm sure I'm more than a day late on the various discussions that have occurred on this, but since I just watched it, I wanted to blog about it.

Three Survivors caught my attention, Christian Radio talk show host Leslie, cafeteria worker Denise, and New York waitress Courtney during the welcome ceremony that they were asked to participate in. Leslie explained that she was not a religious person but she did have a relationship with Jesus Christ and as such, she knew that it was wrong to bow down before idols and therefor she silently excused herself from the ceremony because the only person her "face would touch the floor for was Jesus" - it was so touching. In a day and age when Christianity looses it's meaning out in the secular world, it was great to see her make a stand in her faith. Denise on the other hand, explained that she was "just" a school lunch lady and to be standing in this amazing temple just felt so spiritual and that she felt like crying. The Bible tells us that God is not in temples built with hands - but in the hearts and bodies of the believers. I wanted to share this with Denise and hoped that Leslie would in their 39 day adventure - because God doesn't care that Denise is "just" a lunch lady and he doesn't care how grand a man-made temple is - He cares about us - the temples HE made. He wants us to be in a relationship with Him.

And then there was Courtney. Who just wanted to have nothing to do with any of it. She was tired and wanted to be "welcomed" with sipping lemonade and to relax. Not box down and kneel to something.

It was really interesting the three reactions - the believer knew it was wrong, the wanderer wanted the relationship but saw the idol and yearned for something she could touch because she was missing something, and the lost was simply too busy to notice anything around her at all.

What about in life? As believers, do we notice when something is just wrong and do we then take a stand or are the costs too high? In Leslie's case, Jeff Probst pointed out that she had left - so even though she had left quietly everyone knew now - and pointed out that this could damage her for the million dollars. She stood her ground though and stated that she would be who she was and if people liked her great, if not - then she'd be going home. What about when we see someone wandering around looking for truth? Are we more concerned about winning, loosing, or how we look? I know I've been more concerned about apparences - especially in more recent times - than about sharing the gospel or being true to who I am - a Christian, a sinner, saved by grace.

In the end, when faced with our Buddhist temples or the chance to look good and fit in for a million dollars, would you bow down, or does Jesus mean more to you? Leslie didn't and she made a stand on nationwide tv - good for her.


Livingsword said...

Hi Maggie;

It is wonderful and encouraging to see another follower of Jesus (I am also an evangelical Christian) blogging about Survivor China. I very much enjoyed your article and like the points you made, your insights are beyond what you usually get with this kind of thing.

You are the only other Jesus follower I have been able to find that is blogging on Survivor. I noticed your blog when I was backtracking some of my guests thru Google. Did you know that this article shows up in Google under: survivor china uncensored? (As does mine), I haven’t seen you under: survivor china unedited (I am getting hundreds of hits thru that one) so you may want to try a label that way also.

If you would like to read my articles they are on Life on the Blade:

I have 8 Survivor articles posted, some are still on the main page but others can be found on my special Survivor China section on the right sidebar.

I am not telling you this to advertise my page but thought you may want to make some comments from a Christian perspective. It is always good to have other Christians supporting what you say. I should note that my page is not traditional looking (I try to use language that typically does not seem “religious” but still gets the Message out) as I am trying to reach out to those who never usually talk to us. I have bookmarked your blog to return to it in the future.

By the way the “Blade” is the Bible.

Keep up the good work.

Maggie said...

Thanks so much Blade. I just ran the Google search and couldn't believe I was on page two of the search! Wow. That's just amazing. I don't even attach tags to my blogs anymore so I have no idea how I got there.

I will for sure check out your Survivor blogs - thank you for the link. :)

God used a donkey to speak through - He can use modern language to connect to man as well. You won't find judgment from me on how you verbalize your faith. Can't wait to read your blogs!