Monday, September 24, 2007

Resident Evil - Parenthood

Steve and I are not opening night movie kind of people. Theaters are crowded and movie edict is not what it used to be - cell phones going off, people yelling at the screen, and so on.

But for some reason - we were really excited about the third Resident Evil movie and went for it Friday night when it was released. We're not huge horror movie buffs or zombie movie buffs - this is not really our genre - we've just been in a groove for the past few weeks and this just fit the "craving" so to speak. So we went.

I cannot express enough how appalled I was this night. Not at the movie - it was great, I enjoyed myself. Not at the theater - I usually enjoy myself at the Cannery. At parents. Opening nights are usually packed - and this was not an exception. Parents usually bring their kids to movies - I can understand Spiderman - I would probably allow my three year old to watch an already viewed Spiderman movie because he doesn't understand the content but he loves Spidey. Shrek, Simpsons - even the Silver Surfer will have children of all ages in it.

But we went to see the third installment of Resident Evil - where Yahoo states it's rated "R" for "non-stop violence" yet as Steve and I sat in our seats watching people move to theirs, we watched in literal shock, amazement, and yes even horror as their moved their toddlers to their seats to watch the "R" rated movie (for again "non-stop violence") to their seats. Now, even though I strongly disagree with any children regardless of memory or age coming to a R rated movie (yes even the Passion) I can stomach a position for say a newborn or an infant like maybe even six months or less coming to an "R" rated movie with their parents because they won't remember it (I am not saying I agree - I'll say again, I strongly disagree with this but I can understand). But above that I cannot for any reason why an adult would bring a child to a movie like this. Galaxy theater charges a full admission ticket for children two years and older - so it's not saving any money on a sitter.

I've read various articles on the effects of tv on children - from over stimulation, to nightmares (even things like Elmo giving my toddler nightmares if too much or at the wrong time of the day), and to imitation. After that preview, if Elmo would give her nightmares, I'd say that would for SURE give her nightmares. Our world is violent enough without parents taking 2 and 3 year olds to the movie theater to view what they (the toddler) cannot understand to be fiction and not reality and later imitate. Paul loves Power Rangers, but after a few months of imitation I had to finally wean him off of them for awhile because he doesn't realize how hard he hits with his little swords and fists while play fighting like his beloved Power Rangers - and these guys are positive role models who realize they are role models for kids. The Freddie Krueger look alikes zombies in coveralls are not trying to be positive constructive role models - nor should they be expected to be. I mean, can you see them stopping mid-fight to say something like, "Now kids, don't try this at home. Killing and eating people while they are alive is bad. Do as I say, not as I do."

Is there anyone else out there that is as frustrated when they see kids being taken to such wildly inappropriate movies? It's one thing to take your toddler to see a superhero movie another to see such a bloody, gory, "non-stop" violently horrific movie. I just don't get it, it blows my mind.

The good thing about having a few godly friends is once I'm done venting they plant me firmly back on my feet. "It's the end of days Amanda."

It must be, I can't think of any other reason why parents would be so incredibly heartless to their kids otherwise.

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The Bass Player's Wife said...

Oh, I hear here you loud and clear on this one! I have developed the rather bad habit of making snarky comments on the way out of the theatre. Things like, "I'm so glad my parents understood that some entertainment is appropriate only for adults," or something equally obnoxious. Jon just rolls his eyes and hurries me along.
When we went to see The Simpsons Movie, the theatre was crawling with kids. These are some of the same parent sho will not be able to understand why Sally and Jimmy are so disrespectful... Sheesh.
BTW, great job yesterday morning!