Friday, September 21, 2007

His ways are perfect - so are mine too?

"As for God, his way is perfect;
the word of the LORD is flawless.
He is a shield
for all who take refuge in him."
2 Samuel 22:31

I noticed something I haven't noticed in awhile - I'm drawing close to the Lord again. In my "busisness" of being sick, and sort of keeping house, and trying to take of the kids and keep up with them, and not really having time for the Lord who should be number one on all my lists - He has still made time to teach me lessons even when I'm too bull headed to take time for him.

As a stay at home mother and home maker for now a little over three years, I have tried and true methods for quite a few things. I know that while throwing together a mixture of colors to make one true load of laundry might be convenient because it saves me time now will bite me in the behind later because over time, my colors will fade and bleed into one another and my clothes will look poorly. I know that if I don't take my kids outside in the morning and evening that they will fight me tooth and nail for bedtimes. I know that there are certain ways to do things that succeed and certain ways to not do things in my home because they fail. I know this because I've been home now for this amount of time and have tried them and have over time seen their results. So, it is only human when I ask my husband to do things a certain way because I've found them successful or have found the consequences of not doing things a certain way harmful to my family's finances, stress levels, and so forth.

Today as my stress level's were rising as I relised that my "suggestions" were ignored from the day before, the 2 Sam. 22:31 came to mind. God's ways are perfect. I began wondering - just in these past few weeks when I began to selfishly pull away due to my own "misery" due to illness - was God 's "stress level's rising"? In our church's First Step's class, Pastor Devin taught me about "anthropomorphism". I'll borrow Wiki's explanation:

"It is a common and seemingly natural tendency for humans to perceive nonhuman animals or inanimate objects as having human characteristics, one which some suggest provides a window into the way in which humans perceive themselves. Common examples of this tendency include naming cars or begging machines to work."

I am a mortal, a finite creature - created by a Creator, an immortal, an infinite being. I seriously doubt He feels "stress" about me straying from His perfect ways - I do know that He knows better than I do because His ways are perfect. My only comparison outside that of a parent/child relationship is that as a stay at home wife and mother, I know the ins and outs better than my husband and therefor, I like to think that my ways are perfect. My Father grants me grace when I stray, embraces me when I return, and forgives me when I erorr - shouldn't I do the same with others?

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