Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The docrtrine of the "UNKNOWN GOD"

Bear with me please - I'm not in a normal mood today. I will proceed this blog with a disclaimer - I've been sick for five weeks now, I'm miserable, I land on the floor when I go into coughing fits, I go through entire boxes of tissue when my nose goes into fits, and I'm utterly miserable. So, to say the least - I'm mildly cranky. During my lunch hour, I'm still surfing the internet because I cannot take my oh so tasty and dandy new cough syrup that the doctor I finally relented and went to prescribed because it knocks me right out, so I merely stay as still as I can during my rest hour and see what the rest of the world is up to or try to nap sitting up and hope I don't start coughing.

During today's surfing adventure's I came across some (as usual) LDS/Evangelical (sprinkled with atheist) conversations about the Trinity. I've found this to be this most heated discussions with LDS usually showing the most disrespect. Today, a comment was made that I found so totally ironic that I just could not resit blogging about it in my current miserable and cranky condition.

" We mock it because it is taught as it comes right out of the bible and then you can’t explain it.

I mock it openly as the doctrine of the UNKNOWN god."

Isn't that lovely? The Trinity is mocked because it cannot be fully explained or understood? Because God is supposed (per LDS view) to be 100% understood? I'm sorry, can someone point me in the direction where it is 100% clear what exactly Jesus was while on Earth for example? Was He 100% human with merely the power of the priesthood? Was He 100% a god? Was He divine and if so, what does divine mean? Was anyone else divine? Perhaps something that clearly explains the very first God of the very first universe and how that God was created? How the God of this universe became to the knowledge He has now and exalted? Was He like Jesus or like Joseph Smith? Shall we really get into all the "unknowns"?

What was that saying about not throwing stones when you live in glass houses?

In the end, everything goes comes down to faith. Is one's faith built upon the rock of Jesus Christ - the Father of our spirits, the creator of Heaven and Earth, God the Father, the Holy Spirit - the Trinity or a man made idea of who God is? A hippie, a hate monger, or whatever that invention is? While I am ticked off - probably a fleshly ticked off and not a righteous one - at the insult to my beliefs - I see no good in the insult. I see no salvation coming from the banter that continues at all hours between some of the posters in these groups. It becomes pot shots at personalities and beliefs, not a desire to understand the other's beliefs and somewhere to reach out to God and understand Him.

Is it fair that somewhere out there someone in the name of God is waving around a pair of LDS temple garments and "dishonoring" them? No. Is it fair that LDS are fighting back by taking shots at the Trinity in forums or in General Conferences? No. We live in a fallen world. I guess that's more real to me in my ticked off miserable lonely sickely state than when I'm reading my Bible everyday and happy go lucky. Who would have figured.

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