Thursday, September 20, 2007

Being Guilty

Ever feel guilty for something? Steve and I got this little coupon for Outback Steakhouse - my ALL TIME FAVORITE place to eat (okay - it ties with Thai food) to have a free sample plater of various meats but only until September 30th. Our ONLY free weekend between now and the end of the month is THIS weekend. We've decided to get a babysitter and set aside some time for dinner and a movie this weekend for a very long overdue date night. Last night during small group, I decided to invite another couple to go see a movie with us. I'm going to go on a tangent for a moment.

I am terrified of zombies. YES I know that they are not real in any way, shape, or form. I know they could never be real. But for some reason, they terrify me. I won't even play zombie levels on my favorite video games. I consider myself having won the game and restart. I just won't go there. Yet for the past three weeks I have been officially in a zombie fetish - loving scaring myself sick. Watching Dawn of the Dead and gearing up for Resident Evil: Extinction which releases tomorrow (Friday 9/21/07) which for some sick reason I really want to see even though I know I'll most likely watch through covered eyes anyways.

Back on track, I've also been sick since last month - yes five and a half weeks at this point. Something I didn't think possible. Still coughing up a storm, still congested and sweaty, and frankly pretty miserable. I was planning that if for some reason I was still sick come this weekend it would work in my favor for date night. You know - in restaurants they always keep it cold so for once I would actually be perfectly comfortable since I would be overheated and sweaty from being sick. A bonus. :) Since I wouldn't feel well, I'd have leftovers from a small appetite and have some yummy food to eat the next day. I wouldn't spend any money at pricey concession stands because it'd all just make me nauseas. The theater would be comfy because again - I'd be overheated and so the usually freezing theater would be just right. And I'd just take my cough medicine before the show and I wouldn't cough through the show. Everything would be just fine.

But then, when I went to invite the other couple - she invited me about Ballon-a-palooza that is in town this weekend that our church is voloutneering for. Don't get me wrong. I love to serve - I really feel called to serve in my community and love to do it. The only reason I hadn't signed up for this particular event was my unusually long bug - really, who wants to be served by someone coughing up a lung all over them? :P

As I was verbally thinking all this aloud to Steve, he of course ruined my guilt free get out of jail free "let's still go to on our long over due movie night" thought with, "Maybe God wants us to take this weekend to serve instead. Maybe if you think about serving instead, He will heal you." Gee thanks Steve. I was looking forward to steak and zombies.

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