Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Personal Dream

For about two years or so now, I've had a little secret dream that really only a few people knew about. Steve brought it up a little while ago, and we were talking a bit about it last night.

I've wanted to attend some sort of proper education in regards to religious studies for awhile now. When I first wanted to attend, I started dreaming about BYU - where many LDS apologetics have studied and Stephen Robinson is a professor. But having two small children, my only options were to wait or long distance education. I decided I would wait until the kids started school then look into it again.

School is only two years off for Paul and I want to be able to return to some sort of work when Anya enters school - so a degree has been back on my mind recently. I always enjoyed college and learning so I'd be super excited to get to return and finish my degree.

I've started Googling seminaries here in Vegas - so far I've only found Fuller Theological Seminary who has a branch here. I'd prefer to get my Bachelor's degree in a theological school or at least in that area of study in a public school. However, I'm beginning to think I'm going to have to simply finish up at UNLV. Which isn't horrible - the campus is nice, there are classes at all times and it's an affordable school. The hard question is - what to major in?

When Steve and I met we were both in college. I had a different plan then - I was a Political Science major with a plan to attend Law School (I was such a nerd - the summer between graduation and my freshman year I read the sample LSAT questions on UNLV's Law School page).

Now, a political science major isn't going to help me any in the area I want to study in. Further, I am interested in getting a degree in Biblical studies - but honestly, if I got one in that area what would I do with it? After browsing some of the areas of study on Fuller's site, I believe I could be interested in a Youth, Family, and Culture study. And I could simply try to fill up my electives with courses on more in depth Biblical study right? I don't know anything about seminaries (outside of lunch time/before school one hour with the LDS missionaries at LVA) so I'm not even sure how this would work.

Add to this, I've never believed women should be in ministry and am slowing moving out of this idea but still limiting what I believe women should do in ministry. While I am passionate about learning, and really want to attend a seminary - again, practically, what on Earth would I do with such a degree?

I suppose I could always get a degree in some sort of social science at UNLV - this might be helpful if I wanted to get a master's in families and culture.

In the end, I guess I'll just have to pray, pray, and pray some more. If it's God's will, then it'll happen. If it isn't then it won't. But it'd sure be nice if it did. :)

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