Thursday, July 19, 2007

Uploading to the Hard Drive

Since I'm a bit short on time, I will not be able to write up multiple clean blogs with an organized train of thought. Therefor, I'm going to simply upload my thoughts to the hard drive - ie blog.

First, I've been pondering how to use the experiences God has given me for His glory. Whenever I've been thinking of this - my thoughts come back to my previous experience with Teen Pregnancy Prevention. I also am reminded how shy I've become - ironically, someone in our Wednesday night small group looked shocked when I revealed to her I'm a shy person. Really, I'm more bold online than I am IRL - but who is that not true of? I used to be a really vocal, outgoing person and occasionally I can painfully force myself to be again - but I hate doing it. I believe that the Lord wants me to get involved in my TP presentations again in order to serve a need in our schools (hello some Vegas highschools have to provide daycare to their students and one highschool has a high dropout rate due to Teen Pregnancy and gang violence). I took another step of faith and reached out to a school with a high teen pregnancy rate (and a daycare in it) and was met quite receptivly! I couldn't believe it. The Health teacher doesn't know me from Jane Doe on the street and yet wants to discuss with me my program, what I've done in the past, and the hurdles of getting district approval. I'm also going to get back in touch with my former advisor and see if she's willing to have me back in her classes as well at my former Alma Mater. It'll be amazing if this pans out as Clark County is ironically a conservative school district. I'm totally excited about this and taking this step of faith in the Lord. I had to stop doing my presentations before because I had had both kids and between finding a sitter and arranging transportation in a one vehicle family, it became impossible. I don't see it being an easy feat this time - but if it's the Lord's will, I have faith it'll get done.

Secondly, I saw the men (Ron, Phillip, and Jimbo) I've been serving today. I found out where they've all been - which hasn't been at the store - they made friends who helped them get into an apartment! I'm so excited for them. However, here in Vegas we have apartments that are paid for by the week (some even by the day) and so I'm hoping they will be able to stay in their weekly apartment. They are still interested in the Bible study and I've got two hard committments to start up again tomorrow. I have a possible third committment as well - from Jim. He was either actually hit or almost hit by a car yesterday. The drivers, after the incicdent, didn't even slow down, stop, or check on him - they just sped off. How sad is that? They could have killed him and didn't even care. I bought him lunch today and told him about the group getting together tomorrow night - he seemed interested (especially with the food part) and said he'd try to attend. We'll see.

Finally, today I learned the importance of getting God's Word in me. I went to bed late last night - even though I was actually in bed by 9, I just didn't fall asleep. In order to be on time for my shift, I have to leave the house by 5 am which means getting up at the latest by 4:30 am. Which means - alarm clock. However, I woke up at 3:15 am this morning - wide awake. I couldn't figure out why. Then I suddenly remembered I had forgotten to set my alarm - so I did. As I laid in bed trying to fall asleep - the thought suddenly crossed my mind, that I should praise God for waking me up in order to set my alarm and not be late for work and perhaps I should get up and spend time with God before work. I yawned, rolled over, and thought about how silly I was. Mistake. I got to work on time today - however I noticed a big difference between how I interacted with people today. I didn't like it. I realized that had I spent time with the Lord this morning, perhaps I'd have been better prepared to handle todays obstacles. Perhaps I would have been in a better spirit and not so cranky. It was for sure a humbling realization.

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