Monday, July 16, 2007


The Lord really placed something in my heart today. After blogging I went upstairs and spent some time with the hubby and suddenly, a single word formed in my mind. "Unforgotten" At first - I wasn't sure what this meant. But the idea effortlessly formed in my mind. Every culture, every city, everywhere - there are groups of people who are forgotten. They are seen as unsavable, useless, or whatever. They are simply forgotten. I feel very called to make these groups unforgotten. Who are they? I assume they are teen or single parents (perhaps young adults), homeless, and/or women who have been shunned by family, society, or what have you. But are these the people the Lord has in mind for me? I don't know yet. I do know that I need to make sure to have regular "holy habits" to keep me in tune with the Lord and heed His callings.

I have no idea what this will entail. I do know that I plan on continueing in my service efforts to the homeless. We had a mild scare - we thought one of the homeless men (you might recall Jimbo) had died. Recently, he came back around the store and he's alive - but not doing well. Please pray for him. This is just another reminder of why it's so important to serve these men, to be Jesus to them, and to hopefully help them want to pick up that phone (ie pray) and call out to the Lord.

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