Monday, July 16, 2007

Tribes International - Every Nation on FiRE

Today the Lord really reminded me about my purpose - service. I wanted to share what Tribes International is up to. Right now, Barbie is taking orders for various knitting projects (I'm not sure if this is up on the website yet). The money earned from these items go towards Tribes. Shoot her an email if you're interested in contributing your own knitting creations for Tribes to sell. Here's a picture of what the kickin' yoga bag she recently finished.

Looking awesome!

Sadly, I don't have any talent (yet - maybe someday) for knitting. So I'm leaving all the knitting to her. However, I do want to pull out my sewing machine and make various headcoverings to sell for Tribes. We want to possibly create a logo for Tribes and either handstitch it in or iron it on. So this is still in the works.

On the Las Vegas front, I'm canning! Yep, this former Maggie Mormon does indeed have some Molly in her. I make my own jam and doll it up really cute. It's a whole family activity. The first stage in this will be making my own jam, dolling it up with creative personalized labels (that'd be Steve's department - a whiz on Photoshop and such) and sell those for Tribes. So, if any of you want you're very own personalized jam - please let us know! Remember, proceeds go to Tribe (so it's a tax write off) and therefor go to either poverty striken families in France (who of course get their very own Bibles as well), or to Africa to build a damn and help with the building fund in the leper colony.

Finally, there is one other person (Liza I believe) who is working on the Tel Aviv front. Her husband and her travel to Israel a few times a year and take things to an orphanage there. We want to gather, make, or buy items for them to take - from baby blankets, toys, clothes, and etc. Any help here is also appreciated.

Barbie's been plenty busy - so the site isn't up to date yet. She's thought of a new motto for Tribes - from "Get in the River" to now, "Every nation on Fire".

If all you can do is pray for us - that's awesome and greatly appreciated. Remember, the Lord stated where two or more are gathered in My name I am there - so please, pray pray pray. I am also currently recruiting for the Las Vegas area - I'd love to get a women's small group together and we can make jam, sew, or knit if you know how and fellowship with one another. Let me know if you're interested.

Please pray for the Tribes Ministry.

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