Sunday, July 29, 2007


I have a whole ton of blogs I've had on my mind lately - but with the lasik on Thursday and being crazy busy with real estate, I haven't had the time to write them out. So I apologize ahead of time with the outpouring of blogs over the next few days. (My husband says at times I'm hard to keep up with.)

A quick thought on the power of the Word of God. In this book I'm reading, "Intimate Issues" they are currently discussing temptations and how to deal with them. Interesting that I reach this place in my reading when a dear friend of mine currently realized through a sermon that her fellow church members are slightly off in their worship and understanding of God's Word. In a recent sermon at her church, it was taught that to fight spiritual warfare we must always be joyful. She and I both caught that this is inaccurate. To fight against temptation, or spiritual warfar (which can be both to my limited knowledge or seperate issues), the only real weapon is the Word.

I have a past of nightmares, sleepwalking and sleeptalking. And when I was a child, on occasion I slept with my eyes open. How do I know I did this? The kids at the sleepovers always got freaked out and either woke me up or told me about it the next morning. This continued into my adolescence and have no clue when exactly, or if, it stopped. To my knowledge, it's not continued.

Everytime I've started a new job, been stressed or busy at an existing job, or excited about something (ie - high emotional patterns) I begin to sleepwalk. I will "wake up" and realize I'm at work and begin working. It's the weirdest thing, even talking about my work while sleeping. Steve's had to lay me back down once when he woke up and saw it. However, the most recent time that I began working at my parents' store - I didn't start sleep walking or talking.

I have been plagued by nightmares for the past few months. They come in waves and then receed and then return. One night, I went to bed before Steve. I had a migriane or something of the like and needed to get to sleep. However, I felt as if there was something in the room with me (you know the feeling you get after watching a movie that just freaked you out? Enough to maybe sleep with the lights on?). Whether there was or not something in the room with me is not the point. I suddenly felt overwhelmed with fear and was literally shaking in bed. I wanted to cry out for Steve, to run to the wall and flip on the light switch, to simply return downstairs - but my pride refused to let me. That day I had read in Psalms that the Lord was my refuge, my strong tower, my Protector. I couldn't remember the exact words, but I went for it anyways. Repeating over and over until I fell asleep, "The Lord is my refuge. I love you Jesus. The Lord is my refuge, I love you Jesus." Slowly, the fear melted from my body until I was completly relaxed and sleeping soundly. No nightmares that night.

Now, was there anything dark creeping up on me that night? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Did I feel an overwhelming fear because I ate too much pizza or spicy food or something? Perhaps and perhaps not. What stuck with me was the power the Word had in my life when I began to speak what little I had memorized. I was relaxed, calmed, and comforted.

While reading in my book today, it reminded us that when Satan tempted Jesus, He replied to Satan, "It is written" and spoke God's Word and Satan ran away. Rick Warren also shares this with us in teaching us about the Word, it's many uses and purposes, one being that it "scares the devil". The Word is powerful. Apply it to your daily life - even if it's only three words a day and watch how it roots itself in your life and brings new peace that cannot be found anywhere else.

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