Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Find a Need and Fill it

Paul's favorite movies all involve robots. We checked out the movie "Robots" to see if he'd like it. One line really struck me yesterday while watching it, "Find a need and fill it." Service isn't really service if the need isn't there.

By our house there is a lot of construction. Each day that Steve and I pass by I wonder aloud, "I wonder if they need any water." Steve always blows me off telling me that he's sure they have plenty of water (he used to work for the road crew in high school).

The turn signals on our car are broken, so everytime I approach the now 3 way stop and need to turn I can't signal. Yesterday, when I approached the inersection, I wasn't able to signal. The lady became irritated that I hadn't signaled, so when she had me roll down my window I explained that our turn signals were broken. She understood and waved me through. The second time I went to the intersection, I tried using hand signals (like when you're riding a bike) to let them know I was turning. Finally, I had to just roll down my window again and state, "I'm making a right hand turn, my signals are broken." As I began to roll through the intersection again - the lady waved at me and stated, "I remember you from earlier."

I asked her if they needed water and sure enough they did! By time I returned, they were already gone for the day. I'm planning on walking to their site tomorrow and bringing them the water I promised with some invites to church.

Find a need and fill it.

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