Saturday, July 14, 2007

Evan Almighty

Today we went and saw Evan Almighty. I've heard mixed reviews about this - from some (extremely) conservative Christians I've heard bad, angry reviews - especially about the line where "God" says that the flood with Noah and his family wasn't about God's wrath but about His love - and from many many others I've heard great reviews.

Now having viewed it, I can say - I totally loved it. Was it Biblically correct? No way - it's not supposed to be. Was it a way to expose people to God's love and to show us even when things look completely idiotic to do - they all have a purpose in God's plans? YES. I loved it.

What caught my attention the most was when "God" stated to Evan that to change the world - it all starts with "acts of random kindness". Jesus told us throughout the New Testament to serve one another with love.

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