Saturday, July 21, 2007

Applying God's Word

The customers at the c-store have been driving me insane. I've been trying my best to remain calm and patient with them, but I as I left home yesterday I realized I was going to really try harder - mainly, leaning upon God. So today, I brought my One Year Bible with me to read before work. I decided to write down a passage from my reading and tape it to the screen to meditate on throughout the day. One of my earliest customers quickly challenged my resolve to lean upon God, be patient, and calm with everyone. I started my shift at 5:45 - before 7 am I had five passages taped to my screen. They were so rude! And they took joy in treating a store clerk with such disregard.

I kept reading and re-reading the passages taped in front of my screen. Every bit of my flesh wanted to scream, yell, and throw stuff at these people. Yet, if I felt angry, overwhelmed, or whatever - I would take a deep breath, read the passages in front of me, and then say, "Have a good time. God bless you." While I wanted to scream at them, "I hope God's wrath pours upon you!!!" I really did want God to bless them - with His prescence, comfort, whatever it was that they were lacking and in need of. I wear a cross around my neck and it is a constant reminder to me what Jesus did for me - and it's a clear outward symbol of what I believe in. I do not wish to bring dishonor to that cross and lower myself to worldly standards. Aware that my Christian faith was on display - I did everything I could to remain calm with these people. Note to readers: c-store clerks do have feelings. A thank you, please, and cleaning up after yourself (ie putting your trash in the trash can) are all little things you can do to serve a clerk. If you really want to go the extra mile, a kind word, a smile - little things can really bring a high spot to their days in the pool of angry, rude, ungrateful customers. It's an incrediably thankless job - but remember, someone has to do it.

Now I don't want anyone to think I was perfectly cool, calm, and collected today. I wasn't. I threw someone out today because they made me their personal eye candy. It was one of the other customers I've mentioned in previous blogs that truely make me uncomfortable - their sexual lust is just overpoweringly strong. I hate it. This particular customer has sexually harressed me for awhile - almost every shift I've worked. Today, the first time he came in and started up - I firmly stated that his actions were inappropriate, disrespectful, and not okay. I clearly let him know if he did not stop I would not sell him anything. Of course, when he came in later that day - he began again and I asked him to leave. Perhaps I was rash - but I set my foot down.

Of course, there were high points in my shift as well. I got to read to Romans a bit with Ron today. There were a few other things but I'm going to wait to share them.

So that's my vent for today. We're hoping to attend a Pioneer Day celebration tonight to honor our family's background. We're getting baptised TOMORROW! All in all - it's on the up and up.

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The Bass Player's Wife said...

I am so excited for you about your baptism. Yay!